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No but really, its all a matter of preference dude.
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Depends what kind of fingerpicking too.
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not only is there no "best" wood, but there are things that affect the sound other than wood. for example, maple is considered a bright wood, yet i've played a couple gibson jumbos that were all maple and spruce but they had lots of bass and dark undertones.

why not just play a LOT of guitars till you find the one you like?
These people are all giving you wierd answers :S The fact is, the woods LARGELY preffered by 'fingerstylists' are often the midrange woods... ranging anywhere from warm/mellow----->Bright/tinny

But, like they said it's preference in the end... but I figured I'd give a more straightforwar answer
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thats just my suggestion, its up to you and your ear really. Who knows, the best sounding one to your hear may even end up being a laminate guitar.

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