A poem I wrote a while ago. Some response would be great on it, it's a short poem (not sure what they're actually called), and I'm not a serious poetry writer. CRIT 4 CRIT, cheers!


If something else would change,
the heaven would be a fable and you'd refrain,
what you gave me was enough,
to last a lifetime and two days,
and this somber light to give it's way,
a reason to live and a reason to choose,
my burning heart you could not refuse,
yet,if i would sway my ashes towards your flame,
where would the sun set when it rains?

I don't mean what I write in my posts.So don't argue back on it,and don't check me..Because,though I don't mean them,they are the only way I can increase my post count.
Hey man, could you please read through the rules for this forum. Specifically regarding posting limits and thread titles. Once you do you'll know why I've closed this thread. If you want me to delete this thread so you can repost it at another time then let me know.