Ok, I'm new here (this is my first post) and I don't know if this topic is covered somewhere else or whatnot. If it is, please link me, and sorry for starting this thread.

My band is currently preparing for a gig, but we have no idea how to amplify the vocals. For band practice we use a guitar amp, but it destroys the quality of the vocals, and we want something that gives out clean and clear vocals. Will large stereo speakers do it? We don't have the money to buy or rent a PA system, and need a relatively cheap alternative.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
if you can't rent a PA, will the venue you're playing at have one?
Most legit venues should have its own PA. If not, as already said, don't go straight into the speaker.
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Quote by RyoujokuNoAme
Most legit venues should have its own PA.

Really? Try playing your local pub circuit for a few weeks. A good PA is a must!

Can you tell us a bit more about the gig you're playing? Where is it, how big is the space, etc?

There really is no good alternative to a PA, I'm afraid.
You can get some cheap but decent mixer n speaker n mic packages on guitar centers website in the $200-300 range. Not great, but you gotta start somewhere.

Try having everyone pitch in. 200 / 4 band members = $50 a person. Quite manageable, even if you're only working off of an allowance.
Read the guide to PA in the columns.

You'll need to "obtain" both a vocal PA and some stage monitors fairly quickly if you are going to gig. I'd say go for the monitors first as these are also ideal for practise. For one offs you can usually borrow stuff or buy cheap second hand. Hi Fi will not work as it is only designed for lower volumes. Most starter bands will play support and the main band will probably let you go through their PA.

Sorry but your vocalist needs a mic and monitors just as much as you need a guitar and amp.
Small powered mixer/monitor PA setup is a great idea. Perfect for house parties or practice, and any gig bigger than that will usually have its own main PA system.

Try Behringer's Xenyx mixer series. I have a 1202fx - everything I need, plus vox effects (reverbs, delays, and some other stuff). It cost around $120. I've done jam practices running all instruments/mics into the mixer, and either out to my PA or even into my guitar amp/cab on clean channel input if I didn't want to haul both 85 lb JBL's over to my buddies house.

Check out some local garage sales or Craigslist ads. Believe it or not, I've even used a home stereo as a PA. I ran mixer out to receiver aux in, and it worked fine. I truly understand trying to do your band on a budget.