Hey all, just looking for a bit of advice on the guitar I'm looking at getting next.

I am on a budget, so getting an awesome Hellraiser with Floyd Rose (which I would love) is probably out of the question. I'm after something with a Floyd Rose style system (can be Floyd Rose branded or Ibanez) that stays is tune so I can go crazy with it. I already have a guitar with a fixed bridge, so I want this next guitar to be able to go nuts on the tremolo.

So far I've been looking at the ESP LTD MH-100QM. It's relatively cheap, has a Floyd Rose Special bridge, has the woods I like but I would get new pickups for it eventually. I've also looked at the 250 and the 401, but they are probably too expensive for me right now. I've also been looking at an Ibanez RG350DX, but It has a relatively flat body, I prefer a raised body contour, like a Schecter or ESP. That doesn't mean I'm not considering it though.

Soooo, what I want some advice on is this: Do think I should go for the Ibanez or ESP LTD?

AND, which LTD would you recommend to someone who can't spare much money?
Just to give you an idea, here are the cheapest prices (in Australia) I can find for these guitars:

RG350DX - $800
LTD MH-100QM - $600
LTD MH-250QM - $900
LTD MH-401QM - $1, 400

It'd be great if someone can let me know where these guitars are built too (and whether or not they make good quality guitars in that country. For instance a USA Fender would be good, a Mexican would be not as good)

Hope I haven't confused anyone... Thanks in advance!
is what i would go for


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As far as I know all 3 of those are made in korea. I would go for a MH-250QM or if you prefer flame maple the M-250FM.

Also musos corner (www.musoscorner.com.au) has 25% off all ESP/LTD.
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True they are both very nice. My main problem is that $600 is just about my budget, though the 250 is only a bit more. Alot to think about!

What the freak is up with those prices ?! O.o

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Dunno about the DX, but the EX is the fastest guitar I've ever played (tied with my Jackson and a Mayones Regius 6 I played in a guitar store) and I've played Schecters, ESP signature series, PRS, Gibson, Fender, Godin, BC Rich...you get the picture
ye the 1001 looks awesome, but it's like $1600, which is a bit too much for me

The DX and the EX seem to be the same price across the market... Is there any difference between them? They appear to be very similar.

Looks like I'll have to go test out some of these guitars! I'll probably have to draw the price limit at AUD $1,000. So that'll leave the RG 350DX, EX, MH-100QM or 250QM to choose from.

thanks guys and gals!
Okay. I didn't mean to bump up a really old article, but I thought this would be better than creating a new thread.

I am looking at three guitars to choose between
Ibanez RG 350DX
Ibanez RG 370DX

They're all priced around the same AED 1,600 which is about... $435.70
Could I get some advice from you guys?
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Do not go for the RG350EX, as Edge III bridges aren't that great.

Instead, look for an RG350EXZ, which has the Edge Zero II tremolo.

Alternatively, why not look for a used Ibanez S420 if you won't miss the singlecoil p'up?

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I've always thought the Edge II was worse than the edge III.
Have a look at the ESP and Schecter lines if you can stand the neck (I personally love it)
If you can, try to find something with an original edge/edge lo pro or an OFR.
You'll regret a lower end bridge.
I ended up going with the MH 1000 FR. It's such a beautiful guitar, very heavy sounding and great for metal. Doesn't sound too crash hot for clean, but it does the trick. My main regret is that I didn't wait until now to get it because it's like half the price. But that was like 2 years ago now so I guess that makes sense!

I'm also not a huge fan of EMG's. Even though they do sound great for metal, I prefer something more "rock" sounding, as it's more versatile. A good example of my preferred pickup would be a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck pickup. Less Bassy and has more of a "bite", in my opinion. I think the M 1000 comes with Seymour Duncan's, so that could have been a better option for me I guess.

But the MH 1000 really is an amazing guitar. I would recommend it over any Ibanez.