Hi guys,

It's been a few years now, but cutting the long story short, I was due to play a gig and some flid put the power cable into one of the input jacks into my Line 6 Delay. It's never worked properly since (intermittently deciding when it wanted to work or not) so I sold it (cheekily!), I've since managed to borrow it back and need it to work reliably.

I know there's a great guy who does awesome mods and repairs in the U.S. but I live in the U.K. and the costs wouldn't be worth it to be honest.

Does anyonw know of anyone, anywhere in the U.K. who would be willing to help me get this fixed? I'd also be interested in making some nifty mods to it and wouldn't trust myself in making these amendments, so I'd rather hand it to a pro.


Anyone know anybody who can repair or mod line 6 pedals in the U.K.?
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