all my life i've had these recurring dreams-
but all my lover hears are my waking screams
and all my nightmares have these recurring themes
like a re-occuring villain on the movie screen.

and it sucks, i know.
to love a man who can't just let things go.
but just watch, me grow.
i'll be twenty stories tall before the end of the show.

all my life i've had these recurring dreams-
it's the re-occuring line in the song i sing
and all of the time i think about the little things,
like the re-occuring vilain with his dirty schemes.

and it sucks, i know.
to plant a seed and wait for it to grow.
squash me, undertoe.
because i won't bloom until you say so.

all my life i've had these recurring thoughts,
questioning what i should do and then what not.
and all my life i've lost every war i've fought,
check out this mental scar from the warning shot.

and it SUCKS, i know.
to love a man who just won't let you go.
but hold on, just so
we can just this once be better than our foes.

all this time i've thought like anarchy,
but i can win the vote if you'll run with me,
popular oppinion isn't gonna be
a war we can win with tears and travesty.

and it's time, to go
put on your smile and grab your coat.
let's let, them know
we're the stars of this soap-opera show.

uh... it's about when you're a new or strange couple and people don't GET you and you sort of have to prove yourself and they aren't really giving you chances.. it's a little bit of a story- her parents hate him and he's determined to win them over and she'd rather give up but he won't let it go and this song is like- we can do this, we're WORTH this trouble, it'll get better from here.