Not sure if this is the right genre, but i couldnt really find another one to fit.

The Doors are a great band, and I was shocked that most people have never actually even heard of them

Anyways just post here your favourite songs and opinions etc on the band

My favourite is Touch Me or Break On Through (To The Otherside)
L.A. Woman or The Soft Parade (The song, but the whole album actually) are my favourites.

I'm trying to work out L.A. Woman on organ since a week.
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Surely there's a thread for them. Who the hell doesn't know The Doors?

(The End is an awesome song)
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+1. Also, Love Me Two Times. Got me some of that earlier. Should last me all through the week.
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Out of all genres of music, Psychedelic Rock and Acid Rock are my favorites, and I think The Doors pulled it off the best. I'm not too big on The Doors of the 21st Century. It's just not the same without Jim.

While I do love the more upbeat songs they did, I like a lot of the ones that have a really calm and eerie feel. Songs like The End, The Crystal Ship, Strange Days, and Riders on the Storm are some of my favorite songs of all time. I'd admire everything they did. Jim and the rest of the band will forever be my favorite musicians.

R.I.P Jim Morrison