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okay guys, Ive found a mesa boogie F-100 amp for a pretty good price (1700 aus) and I really need an amp because I currently dont have one. anyway....
does anyone have any experience with this amp or similar?
because according to reviews it is fairly versatile, but Im not actually sure if I'll be able to play it before I buy it....
so should I go for it?
Well, it depends on what kind of stuff you play. Well?


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$1700?? Christ, I feel sorry for you Aussies!

It's a great amp though, and Mesas are pretty rare down under, so I'd go for it without hesitation. Listening to the clips on your profile, it'd suit your style nicely.
for that price i think now (if you bargain it for 100 or 150 less then go with it)

or just get Peavey 6505/XXX
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YES, do it. The F-Series are a great line of amps!
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F series are great, especially the higher wattage ones like the 50 and 100, Id eat that up in one hot second if I were you.
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