ok this is gonna sound like a stupid question but here it goes. i have a boss me-70 multi effects pedal and i absoluetly love it. the pedal has a "preamp" on it. and im confused as to what this is for. can i use this as an amp head on a cabinet or what. ive messed with it on my amp and it makes it so freakin loud and horribly distorted that i just use the preamp as an eq. again can the pre amp be used as an amp head or what is this features specific purpose? thanx in advance any help would be great.
the preamp on the ME-70 is designed for distorting and altering your signal before it hits the preamp of your amp, then into the power amp and out of the speaker.

if you had a power amp module say a marshall 20/20 you could use the ME70 as a preamp and have a working head substitute.

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