hello i am inquiring to buy a new amp and the amps that i have found at my local guitar shop are a Laney LC30 and a Laney Chrome zone both are valve 30 watt and combo, the problem that i have is that i do not know anything about this chrome zone amps and was wondering of any one has any knowledge about this amp.

thank you
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im not sure it looks like a Laney LC30 just chrome colour i was told it was limited editon but i want to find some reviews or anyones advice between these two amps i think the lc30 as a more modern sound then the other one personaly
I've never heard of it before (but there are a bunch of amps I don't know nowadays...)

Have you played it?
yh but im not sure which is better the laney lc30 or the laney chrome zone and thanks for the manual.