Hey guys.
Looking for a new acoustic after I murdered my last hunk of crap.
I've looked at a couple of Deans but they were described as "pretty, laminate crap".

Six String
Electric - Acoustic
£150 - £300

I'm looking at these. Any feedback on my selections would be appreciated.

Ibanez EW Series (favourite at the moment, visually and quality-wise)

Ibanez AEG-10E
Ibanez TCM-50E
Dean Exotica Koa ("pretty, laminate crap")

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.
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Check out the Seagulls. Unbeatable in their price range. And yeah- avoid the Deans and the Washburns.

Seagulls.... yes (although you'd have to remove the horrible plastic rosette on the newer models; it's just stuck on with double-sided tape)

or how about Art & Lutherie? They're a sub of Godin... My brother just picked one up for $250 US and it's actually quite nice.

Take a look at Ovations if you can find them over there.
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@ OP: Any particular reason you need the electro-acoustic? At that price range (Google says roughly $250-500 USD), you'll probably get better quality with a straight acoustic -- see this thread for the long version. You can always buy aftermarket electronics and install them later.

I'll do a little playing with it at church and it needs to be electro acoustic to put it through the PA system at the back (we have a huge church, 400+). It needs to be electro for that, and most likely a little secular gigging.
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^ Thanks a lot for your help. I'll look into them.

How about this?

Ibanez AEG20E
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