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Metal song ,recorded with two guitars,solos are not recorded yet but should be at the last part of the song ,Vocals are not recorded yet either,working on the lyrics ,basically its just two guitars with drums

lemme know what you think
I'm not a big metal fan but sounds pretty good to me, are the drums midi? They are a bit loud and the sound's a bit strange on em. But the guitars are good, but the do need a bass, how did you record them?
I like the guitar parts, kinda classic trem picked harmonies. The pulloff breakdown-ish part was pretty bad ass. There where a few parts where you were a bit off with the guitars, but the syncopation was mostly pretty good.

I have a huge beef with the drums tho. They sound soooo fake. I just hope they are purely place holder until you can do something else with them. There needs to be more cymbals in general, you make the song feel like half time quite a bit bc you have crashes every 1/4 or 1/2. On the blast beat part this is especially noticeable. Plus, I don't think I heard a fill the whole song.

All in all, the guitars were sweet, the drums were not. S'ok tho, bc it's not finished. So here's a 7 for the guitars. 3 more when it's done and awesome.

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Very Nice!
I liked the guitar harmonies you chose, the trem part at the beginning was pretty cool, you just need more real sounding drums haha. the song flows very well overall.
Also I dont think there was bass?
Oh and that pull off thing was sweet sauce.
Keep it up!

im not a big fan of the drums either they are to loude and have a funny sound.im not to fond of programmed drums but you got to use what youve got.the guitars ace ****in nice man.i really like the tone of them.like everyone said you need to add bass to it to help fill it out a bit more.i definatley would like to hear it when its complete.

crit mine if you want.

Cool riffing to start you, drums sound awful though. Good harmony work, your tone is not the type I favor, maybe it's just how you recorded it. I think it has potential to be a pretty cool song once all done up. Nice change up in the middle, very smooth transition.
6/10 I'd give you higher, but you need some bass, better drums. The production was okay. The song has major potential. Keep it up

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I love that guitar tone! It's crystal clear. I have to agree that the drums do sound a bit midi, but I like this, it's different from all the stuff out just now, well, the drums are a bit predictable but I'm assuming it's programmed? If not no offense to your drummer :P
Techniquewise your playing is very tight, spot on!

Overall very good, just get bass and vocals and you'll have something great.

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Very cool!

Riffs are awesome, and the harmonies are sweet. Every section was pretty cool really, I liked all of it. The last section seemed to drag on a bit though, I would shorten it a bit. Everything seems really tight, no real mistakes. Just add some vocals and bass and your set.

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i listend to now i confess. great playing/riffs. i liked the drums. maybe they could be abit louder though? i like the rythem of this allot. the sections went well together. not much else to say. i dug it. with vocals/bass this would be killer. i like it allot already. nice work.

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Cool. Digging the acoustics. Drums sound okay, I'd maybe not pan the cymbals so drastically though. Nice, I really liked that!
Not a big fan of the guitar tone, but the song is pretty cool, i like the structure. The guitars just sound too thin to me, not full enough. work on the tone a bit more.