Hey guys, i am a singer in the laredo, texas area...though i would love doing some collabs or being in an online band.. i can pretty much do alot of styles ive played with cover bands before... i can do anything from Sublime-sateria, RATM-Killing in the name of, Slipknot-left behind, Ill nino-What you deserve, Korn-ADIDAS-Twist,Stone Sour-Through glass, Tool-Schism-sober-rosseta stoned,APC-Judith-Rose-Pet, IM-The Trooper,enanitos verdes-la luz del dia, STP- Plush-Creep, CDR-have you ever seen the rain, Marilyn manson-Reflecting god....ect.......these are some of the songs ive sang in with cover bands. i can do originals too so if your interested msg me on here or on my add to my email dont message me there cuz i never check my mail on my msn account dfc_crazy@hotmail.com if you need a reference to hear my voice or music you can listen to me at www.myspace.com/sikmind or my old band (dont message me there) www.myspace.com/jaydeegeeband

ok well thanks and hope to hear from you guys
-Sik Mind
One Love