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Hughes and Kettner 25th Anniversary Edition Tube
8 73%
Blackstar HT-5S
3 27%
Voters: 11.
It's been a few months since I started my first tube amp search, I currently own a Spider III which now I realise how bad the tone is, the gain is really poor and the cleans are... well, there are no cleans.

I have £500 and I have searched high and low and the 2 finalists are the Blackstar HT-5S and the Hughes and Kettner 25th Edition Tube. What has the most clean headroom and what do you guys reckon is overall the better amp that will last longer for me. Is the H&K a £100 better than the Blackstar? I mainly play pop punk but I do like playing blues, classic rock and some metal but mainly cleans and mid gain. However gain shouldn't be a problem cause I am going to buy a Hardwire SC-2.

I've posted in your other threads about this, rather than re-type the thing, I just copied it to here... Why do you make threads and then ignore the advice given?

"OK, nice choices.
I have owned the HT5 and the 20th Anny H&K. (I'm assuming that the 25th anny version is quite similar. The specs you list are identical).

I'd vote H&K. The HT5 has great tone, is awesome for recording and can be hooked to the PA. But imo the H&K wipes the floor with it. The cleans on the H&K are rich and sweet. The H&K has some headroom and modern voiced gain. Also, spring reverb.

Try them both but I think you will agree with me if you test them side by side."
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I have a Blackstar HT-5 and love it, but I voted for the Hughes and Kettner because you will be able to gig with it easily, and it's got such good specs.

Spring reverb
Made in Germany
20 watts
Hughes an Kettner only accept 30% of the valve/tubes that go into their amps!
Gotta go with what greg said about the two. I never owned any of these amps, but tried them and I gotta say that I liked the H&K better. Also, if you ask about headroom, you probably need something loud, and the H&K is definitely the louder amp (with more headroom).
THe reason I made a new thread because there was a lot of crap in the other ones but this is just what I needed, thank you so much guys. But the only thing is, will a head and cabs come in to better use later down the line than just a combo?

Thanks for all the help. However, if I could easily hook up the HT5S to a PA would that change your opinion or not?

EDIT: thing is, I can't find a store where they have them both, I have to go from one to the other. Also, is the HK £100 better?

Also, I read elsewhere the the HK is a little too "state ampy" kinda tones, the whole point of me getting a new amp is too get away from the state amps and into the valves.
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Don't worry, H&K amps have an amazing tone. I haven't tried the one you're talking about, but I've played many Statesman, Switchblade, Trilogy, Triamp... and they've been all consistently great.
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Hm... I tried the Trilogy once and loved it. But then again, I just ordered a Blackstar HT-5 head, so I really don't want to say it's inferior.