Thanks...thats what I was thinking.....my Boss tu-2 just died...and I was either gonna buy it again or try the korg....
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I recently bought the Korg, the display is great and so clear to read, I greatly prefer it over the boss
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Korg Pitchblack. It's more accurate.

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Apparently its 0.001 accurate or something which is more so then a peterson so somethings of their. But its defiantly more accurate then boss.
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Definitely gonna remember this, bought the TU-2 for 27 bucks from e-bay but i could definitely go for that larger screen.
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Korg definitely. It's easier to read on stage and more accurate. I have never had a problem with mine and better yet I've had it for a year, used it every day and never had to change the battery. The efficiency of it is unbelievable.
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Personally from experience Korg, i got one of their chromatic tuners not too long ago and its great.Especially if your not all that good at tuning your bass.
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I haven't tried the Boss, but I just got a Korg Pitchblack yesterday and it's awesome! Bright, easy to read screen, really accurate, and 4 display modes. Buy it!
Wow! Thanks everyone for your input...I defenitley appreciate it
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