Hey A&C

Has anyone tried out the Washburn 125th anniversary acoustics? Specifically, the WSJ 125.

The top one.

I've been looking for an acoustic with a budget of £250, and a shop near me has them for about that price, rather than the £400 they usually retail at.

It seemed pretty nice when I played it, but my experience with acoustics is somewhat limited. So, if anyone can think of one that would beat it, do suggest it!

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I've never played or even seen one in person but 250 pounds sounds overpriced for the WJS125.

Can anyone comment on trembesi as a tonewood? I've never even heard of it before.
£250 overpriced? I've not been able to find it anywhere else for less than £400!
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Awesome guy right here
£250 seems like a very good deal to me. The best price I was able to find online was £277, most places seem be asking in excess of £400.
The Washburn website quotes $1149 including a case - this converts to roughly £675.
Washburn make some great acoustic guitars - this one looks a beaut.
Perhaps I jumped the gun regarding the value of the guitar.

Can anyone confirm if the WJS125 has a solid top? It doesn't say so but it just seems way too expensive not to have one.