I hate starting threads but this is really starting to annoy me,I bought a guitarport a couple of months back and got the gearbox software with a limited selection of amps and cabs,
after hours of tweaking and editing I eventually found some moderately Ok tones for playing metal and lead, nothing with enough gain though so its sounds like crap when recorded.

So last night I downloaded the ultimate model pack and tested out the metal shop and I'm in even more over my head now,the high gain amps really pick up the plectrum sounds and even the echo when fretting the fretboard is echoed, I can't play past the 20th fret because the sounds gets real tinny and I can't sweep because it just sounds like a mess of fuzz when crossing strings,is their something I'm doing wrong cause I can't seem to find my way around finding a good lead tone?? and its not my playing cause I've never had trouble playing through an amp, hope you guys can give me some tips or pointers,thanks
ok, first off, what is your monitoring system? proper studio monitors or just headphones? or even computer/multimedia speakers?

this will have a huge impact on the percieved tone. back before i got my monitors i used to think that amp-sims sucked because it always sounded thin and fizzy. turned out it was the speakers fault.

also, what intertface are you plugging in through?

more details please