I hope I've posted this in the right part of the forums!

So up to now I've been using a very simple mini homemade pedalboard which was fine for my wah tuner and amp switches and fitted nicely in a laptop case. However now I have outgrown having a whammy and a DD20 (both rather big) an ernie ball volume fairly soon hopefully too I need something considerably Bigger!

Im planning to build one of the old Ikea Gorm jobbies as their cheap, simple and rather cool! However I expect to be transporting it alot, so need some sort of case, I would prefer a proper hard flightcase to take good care of my pedals.

SO my question to you all, anyone know where to get hold of one of these at a reasonable price??

Im in the UK and dont want to spend too much, would really like to spend under £100 if possible but any advice and suggestions would be much appreciated!!