This is a very loud amp!
Its been re-tubed as well recently.

This is the Anniversary Edition of the SVT CL, they call it the AV, but its the same amp, except this is SILVER mesh instead of black mesh. Its very sharp looking.

The great thing about this amp is its MADE IN USA. I believe Ampeg has moved its manufacturing to Vietnam, so if you were to buy this amp in stores today it would be an Ampeg CL, black mesh made in vietnam, and it could cost you 1500+. Thats what it cost me 18 months ago.

This is a very special and unique amp.

Anyways I'm selling this amp, as I no longer need it.

I would like to get 1200$ for this amp, I am in Brantford, Ontario, 1 hour from Toronto/London/Niagara/Tri-Cities

Of course you could come and try it.

I cant seem to attach any files, as they are all too big.

Here is my pictures of it:

Please e-mail me if interested.

Work to live, not live to work.
Sorry.. small bump. Amp is still available!
Work to live, not live to work.