Hello, I just got my first electric guitar and Amp. The Guitar is a Squier by Fender Affinity Series Fat Strat . The Amp is a Hartke G15. I'm trying to learn a song from this video. But is just doesn't sound like that. I'm sure I am playing the chords and tabs perfectly and the problem is with the Amp/Guitar settings. I've enabled crunch on the amp.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
When you learn a song your setup isn't exactly gonna sound like the song itself. In the studio the use $5000 amps $3000 guitars and then $25000 worth of equipment they are recording into. You probably on spent $500 at the most on your setup. You could get a sound that might be close but not exactly like that because of the huge gap in money. So just mess around with the knobs and settings untill you get a good sound.
Quote by Dhanaji Shirke
Could it be because my amp has crunch instead of overdrive?

crunch is a name alot of amp manufacturers use for their distorted chanel, over are dirty, distortion and overdrive