Hey guys. This is a cover I did (just a little while ago) of Metallica's Creeping Death. I think it came out pretty well, despite a few mistakes. Oh, and the absence of a solo. Yeah, I couldn't do that. I went back and fixed a few mistakes but there are still a few sloppy bits left in. And the mix feels kinda weird, but I just wanted to get it done, really. Anyway, please tell me what you think, and I'll crit a cover/original of yours if you so desire. Thanks in advance.


Seems like a bit of the original guitar track snuck in there without me realizing, dammit. I'll upload a version without it in a bit.
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The playing sounds good, but the tone seems a little harsh. I would work on shaping it more. What gear are you using?
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A Schecter Damien 6 and a Line 6 Spider III 15w. My bet is that the tone is partially just because the mic I used, some Logitec computer mic. Not something really designed for music I'm betting.