New Guitar Day 3....

Here is another project guitar I got off Ebay cheap. I forget how much I paid I got two guitars that added up to $120.00 with shipping.

This is a Jay Turser "SHARK" I have wanted one for a while after trying one at at a guitar shop a year or so ago. I thought it was more of a Novelty guitar but it actually plays great and sounds decent. I got this with a busted headstock. I repaired it just got it back together. Pretty cool guitar but very neck heavy something I am used to so it's not a big deal for me. One thing I will have to do is ditch the single coil pups and go with a couple humbuckers. I really hate single coil pups.

Here is a pic of the headstock and repair:

Here is the guitar all strung and ready to go:

Next is a Vintage Burst JT Les Paul that needs a neck repair. Just got my new glue syringes so now I can tackle that job.

That thing is awesome!! Never seen a guitar like it before
Great find (Y)
Does it offend you, yeah?
Holy crap, thats very interesting! HNGD!
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HNGD ! looks really cool
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Wow! Great job on that repair. Looks good as new!

First time I saw a Jay Turser Shark I always wanted to try one out. How are the pups?
:0 :0

Awesome looking guitar!
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That shark is cute.

Funny and true. ^^

Anyway, nice, how well does the tremolo keep tune?

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Cool shark, HNGD
all I ever wanted was to pick apart the day
put the pieces back together my way