Ive been playing bass for a year and thats my only musical experience!

I wanna train on taking out notes from songs by my ear, but I really SUCK! I dont a easy song to start with! I tryed Sunday Papers by Joe Jacksona and that went fail!

Any tips on easy songs?

Thank you alot!
Learning your scales is the the easiest way to help find your way around a song. Getting the chord chart is also a good help for beginners.
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I suck at ear too, but my ear is improving. Im trying to get Amon Amarth songs only with ear and then i check from tabs if i were right Try that too on any easy song
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Get ahold of Santana's Abraxas.
The parts are very basic and they're really easy to hear in the mix. Also easy to play along with to help with your sense of time.
The day I bought Deep Purple's Machine Head, I took it home, and played along to it on my first listen. I had only heard three songs prior to buying it.

That may be an easy one to practice on.
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You just need to listen.

Download a program called BestPractice.

It's a great program for you if:
* Your favorite musician plays a solo that you want to study, but you can't figure it out on normal speed
* You'd like to transcribe music, but need to slow it down to hear it right
* You can tune the song to your instrument instead of the other way around
* You'd like to sing along, but you need to change the key to match your voice
* You're learning a foreign language and you'd like to slow down the spoken examples
* You're like me and like to fool around with audio and/or digital signal processing
(copied from website)

I like to turn it down to 60-70% of the original speed. I also turn to song to the instrument for songs that are like dropped B, cause then I don't have to tune down and have the strings floppy.