Hi everyone.

I have recently got my GCSE grades and all is going well but I have one snag.

I am going on a BTEC Music course and not sure what to expect, anyone know? Would be nice to know if its not good and that I should go back to A levels like my friends...
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i was told by my music teacher that if our year had done bte music instead of gcsemusic we could have passed it on our heads. dunno whether that helps...
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that sounds like he is saying it's super easy :/
Quite likes Corrine Bailey Rae's new album Don't hurt me.
A level is worth more, but you're dealing with stuff like Classical and Jazz music. Btec courses usually circulate around popular music, which you'll probably be more interested in. I personally like Classical and Jazz so I'm looking forward to the course I'm taking in September.
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BTEC's are all coursework i think, theres no test at the end of it.