When I say complete, I mean something like the Modern Method for guitar series, where it teaches you to read music and gradually goes on to scales etc. Even though rock guitar for dummies sucks, theres a guitar all in one for dummies that looks half decent. Ive also seen a book at my music store called something like the complete guide to solo playing which appears to have a classically influenced way of teaching. What do you guys think is the best?
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I'd say start out on something like the Modern Method then pickup books on individual subjects. Broad books just seem to skim over most important topics.

If you don't mind classical, I'd suggest one like the Carcassi Method, Parkening Method, or one of Noad's methods.
What do you dislike with rock guitar for dummies? I learned a fair bit from it, but I don't find it hugely informative about what its talking about...same problem?
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