'More Than a Feeling' is my favorite song, but all of Boston's songs are fun to listen to. Simple guitar lines provide a great groove and set the mood. The drum uses lots of bass, high hat, and ride to keep it light and fast. Simple fills and rhythyms make the song less complicated so you can really focus on the complete sound, not just drums. Plus, when have you ever heard an organ sound that good?
More than a fan.
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Meh, I usually just buy them off the local shaman, unless I'm in the wilderness, where I rely on raw meat to raise my HP.
I used to love Boston... but to me all their songs sound the same... and they are waaayyy overplayed.

But, great vocals and guitar.
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their albums got progressively worse I think, Boston was an insane album, same don't look back was close to the awesomeness, but it seemed sort of un inspired, then third stage had some great songs, but a few really sucky ones, then from there it started to really really suck, awesome guitar and tone and live stuff too
Boston is just awesome, pure and simple. Tom Scholz also had an amazing guitar tone.