I'm having a tough time right now, I'm planning on buying one of these guitars but I can't decide for the life of me which to get.

They both feel amazing to me and I was hoping I could get some feedback on what the fine people of UG would do (WWUGD?)

PRS - http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/PRS-Guitars-Custom-24-Quilted-Maple-10-Top-Wide-Thin-Neck-and-Tremolo-Electric-Guitar?sku=520035

EBMM - http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Music-Man-Ball-Family-Reserve-John-Petrucci-6-Electric-Guitar?sku=518578

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quite a price difference...

what would you b running it through?
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definately the EBMM JP it has the sweetest neck i've ever played
The Music Man, just for the fact that the PRS is overpriced as hell and the MM is gonna do everything you want and more anyway.

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out of those 2, the cheaper one, even though its fugly imo.

If you were going to pay that much for a PRS why not just buy a Custom guitar from basically any other manufacturer built to your specs? That makes way more sense. I don't care how nice PRS is.
Well the PRS is an investment and won't fall too much in value no matter how long you have it, the same thing kinda applies to the JP. You should just try the out back to back and just buy the one you prefer, as those are two very different guitars.
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I don't know if you want the options, but MF only really sells the "baseline" JP model. You'd have to look elsewhere, and pay more if you want the piezo pickup, bullet inlays, and first fret JP inlay.... i think the "loaded" package usually goes for about 2k new on ebay... also they have a new model out with the quilted top, if you like that asthetic better.

Unfortunately the quilt top one doesn't have the concave forearm contour, which i think is super comfortable, and function>form.

edit: NM - MF is stocking all models now... make sure to look over all the options.
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As cool as the Custom 24 is, the JP is much cheaper for still a great guitar. The one musician's friend has doesn't have his new pickups though. And I understand the liquid fire and the crunch lab sound awesome.
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I'll be different and vote for the PRS. As much as I like the JP EBMM, the PRS still beats it (and most other guitars IMO).
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Considering the price of the PRS you should be comparing it to a Family Reserve Petrucci.
if you are thinking about spending almost 4 grand on a guitar then you should physically go play the two of them side by side, If I was you id just have a custom one made for you there are luthiers out their who will build you a just as nice or nicer custom for that price plus it will have all the specs you want
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Sorry I meant to link to the EBMM reserve which is much closer in price to the PRS
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Aah, if it's the BFR model you're looking into then the thing changes. In this case the only thing I can tell you is to go and try both: they are comparable in quality, but they feel and sound pretty different, so in the end it's a matter of taste.
I'd still get the PRS, but that's because they suit me perfectly, your case may be different.
- Fender American Standard Ash Telecaster w/ DiMarzio Chopper T & Twang King
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- Laney Lionheart L5T-112
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The JP all the way man....

I love MusicMan guitars. The necks (on all of them) are just fabulous.
They are not laquered at all, left bare and treated with Gunstock Oil and Wax.
VERY smooth and fast.
You just have to try it to believe it.

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