I've heard OF them but never heard one myself. They do look pretty nice though.
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t-bird is muddy inversatile, and reminds me of emo chicks.

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What's the (ACC) for? I hope you don't mean Acoustic Control Corporation, because none of the amps you posted are from them. The new ones are form Acoustic Amplification, which while technically still "Acoustic", really isn't the same company. (ACC went under in the 80's: Guitar center bought the rights to the company in '07)
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On a related note, how good are their cabs? I'm thinking I may (way in the future when I can afford it) get some 200-300 watt tube amp (maybe Ampeg SVT-VR or some other SVT), with the Acoustic 410 and maybe the Acoustic 115 for deeper low end response. Does anyone think this is a good idea, or should I get some higher quality cabs? I was thinking that I'd go balls out with the expensive head, but make up for it by getting cheap cabs.
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Acoustic is great man.
food, the cabs are excellent given the prices.
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I just got the B200H head and B115 cab package and it's awesome, a huge step up from my terrible crate practice amp(way better midrange, plus it actually has a decent EQ). I plan to eventually add a 2x10 cab to it aswell, I don't know which brand though.
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Acoustic is great man.
food, the cabs are excellent given the prices.

this say's it all. given prices! most bang for your buck? probably. is it pro grade? no. the old Acoustic was a serious contender. the new Acoustic is just a trade name bought, to give a mid-grade amplifer some instant and unearned credibilty. it's called merchandising. all the amp/ instrument companies do it. i say, in it's price range Acoustic offers some decent amps.
I have the B20 and it's a great practice amp, but their cabs aren't anything too special. Good brand though.
Ditto what others have said. They're great for the price range. I have the B115 cab, and it gets the job done nicely, especially considering $200 it cost.

I'd say go for it.
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