How do I know which 12AX7A to put where? They're all different brands. Plus the amp is missing one of the little tube holder thingys, is that a problem?

Also, do I just put whatever EL84/6BQ5 where ever I want? They're all the same brand...
its preference to put whateer 12ax7 type tubes and el84. some brands sound slightly different from each other. and where its made also effects tone a little.
You can feel free to mix and match the 12AX7s (not when the amp is actually on)

The EL84s are power tubes, they go in the power tube slots.
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If the person you bought it from has given you a specific order to use them in, do that (certain tubes are better suited to different positions, eg. the tube with the least noise goes in V1). Otherwise, just stick them all in willy-nilly and don't worry about it.
I just checked the Ebay auction, and I think I can tell which tube is where.

Now what about the tube holder thing? In the auction it's missing it in the pictures, so should I worry about it?