I recorded a used the direct recorded tracks from a song I am working on for this little test.

Both samples are quad-tracked. The Guitar Rig 3 one also has Dirthead mixed in, two tracks of GR3, two tracks of Dirthead. The Nick Crows Wagner Sharp sample only uses Wagner Sharp and the LePou cab that AcmeBarGig say you should use with the new amp head's they are making.

Let me know what one you think sounds best. Also, they are only rhythm guitar and drums, no bass. The drums were made with DFH.
I like the Guitar Rig 3 one better. It's more creamy (hard to describe).
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I like the second one. It sounds more raw and has seemingly more midrange.
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Guitar rig sounds better, simply because it seems pre-polished. Stick a bit of compression and cab phasing on the Nick Wagner solo and I reckon it'd sound even better.
The wagner sharp pisses all over the guitar rig track.

The GR has no presence (not in the fender style presence knob way) and it has a huge bass spike occasionally, at around 100hz. There shouldn't be much at the bottom end anyway, leave that for the kick and bass.
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The GR3 version is very scooped, and I wanted the wagner sharp version to have more mids to the sound. The GR3 version I think sounds more skull crushing and heavy like Meshuggah while the wagner sharp version is less extreme metal sounding.

What do you think could be done to both to improve the sound?
Guitar Rig sux, I own it legally, so i can say it's a bad buy for 500 bucks.

The other ampsim is the only thing that makes the second one decent.
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