I'm looking for some new music, both to listen to, and to learn, especially funk, and blues. It's hard to find any information on funk music, being their is no forum for it. Any suggestions for some funk groups that have good guitarist? any with exceptional bass playing? and any that would just be great to listen to, or learn from other instrument? Same aplies for Blues, but I'm really trying to get more funk, since I already know, and have, quite a bit of blues music.
Leroy "Sugar" Bonner is the only funk guitarist I know. I don't know much about his licks, but he had a nice 'fro.
Curtis Mayfield is pretty funkalicious
James Brown
Hendrix had some really funky stuff
The Isley Brothers?
chic (ever hear the song le freak? you know it's like FREAK OUT!)
Marvin Gaye
James Brown.
and a rock/funk series of groups i don't thimk were mentioned
Doobie broothers
Grand Funk Rail Road
and Wild Cherry has a few... (play that funky music white boy)
red hot chili peppers are kinda funky too
... and im to lazy to search my mp3 for any more.
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Thank you for your input, I've also heard that I should look up Earth, Wind, and Fire, from anouther resouce. If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know.
i'd prefer it if you asked in the suggestions thread
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