I've heard KROQ (106.7) play a reggae song that has a trumpet beat. I KNOW that is a vague description and is similar to saying "wHaT's ThAT rOcK sOnG wItH tHe GuItAr lolololol" But, the singer raps pretty fast and really low, so the beat is most noticeable. He says a couple verses then the trumpet takes over and it kind of repeats throughout the song. It's NOT M.I.A. and it's NOT Enur. The station has a played it a few times the past few days so it may be a new song.

Any ideas?!

Hmmmm... Master Of Trumpets?
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If i remember correctly, theres an archives section that lets you see what songs were played when in the past. So if you remember around what time you heard it, or next time you hear it, go there and check it out.