I'd like to know if there are any wah pedals that don't go obnoxiously trebly and harsh when you push the pedal down. Also a wide sweep range. <$150?

Any options? If I have to go over price range I may consider it depending on the quality of the pedal.
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vox v847a.

much smoother than the crybaby.

im not sure on prices/availability in the US, but the CarlMartin 2Wah is pretty warm.

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vox, clyde? maybe a vintage specs crybaby
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535q can be tuned for a lot more bass then treble or anywhere in between its probably your best bet and its only 130.
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Reindex the wah pot. It'll help.

That's honestly the first thing I always do whenever someone asks me to tweak their wah.


easiest mod possible. no components, no soldering, no burnt fingers.
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