I love the look of both of these guitars.
But I'm a tall, lengthy, goofy lookin' dude as it is, and I hate the way that small guitars look and feel, but everyone in the world has the EC-401, and I want something different.
I haven't played the MH-401NT, nor have I ever seen one, and I don't know if its worth the risk to just order it. But I've herd it has a perfect neck, so I don't want to pass up a gem for something less!

Help me out here!
Is the MH-401NT smaller, and would it be awkward when standing up?
They play a lot like a strat built for higher speed playing... I'm not sure how good of a description that is.
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IIRC, the MH401NT has an agathis body, which sucks as a tone wood. I'd go for the EC.

EDIT: Nevermind, that was another model. Get the MH over the EC.
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im not gonna suggest one or the other, but it sounds like u want the ec more. did u ever wonder why everyone has one? they are just that good and people love em. i went thru the same thing. i have a les paul and strat for gods sakes. who DOESNT have one of those?? u just gotta get over it and get what YOU want. (also remember u can customize the crap out of anything, i always put on different pickguards, knobs, accessories to make my guitar unique even though they are very generic guitars.)
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Never buy a guitar you've not already played. "I heard it has a good neck" means nothing. What is a good neck to one person can be an awful neck to others. Some people might love thin necks, while others may find that such a small neck literally cripples their hands. Some people might find thick necks very comfortable, while other people may find that a thick neck is literally unplayable as they are unable to get their hands around it properly.

However, all that said, I personally would go for the EC model as there are more variations (passive or active pickups, more finishes) and because with the mid-range guitars like this, neck-through construction is typically awful. Neck-through is a dreadful idea unless the guitar is using the very highest grade maple and mahogany in it's construction and you're not going to get that with the 400/401 models, or even the 1000 models.
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MH has a set-thru net and twin 81's. EC has a set neck with an annoying heel for playing the high frets and 81/60. EC has better pickups, MH has better feel and fret access.

I have the tremolo version of the MH, so look in my gear thread and search "NGD ESP LTD MH-401QM" for my thread on it. It's basically the same thing, but red and with a floyd. It's a wonderful guitar, so I highly recommend it.

It's a set neck. Make sure you want EMG pickups as they're the only ones that come on the MH-401 models.
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