That's my GarageBand. Check us out! Me and my good buddy Schroeder dial in some awesome magical music for you here!

C4C, dudes.


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It isn't any song specifically, don't worry, they're all short! Listen to a few, tell me what you think, thanks in advance!

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I really like some of it even though it sounds immensely cheesy throughout. If you replaced some of the keyboards with guitars it might sound a bit more organic. "Sound off like you've got some claws" would sound brilliant if you changed the rhythm. The main problem with it is that nearly all of you're songs sound akin to "Its a Small World" or like background music in a supermarket at christmas time (you might have been going for that but it sounds very annoying at times)
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Little solace comes
to those who grieve
as thoughts keep drifting
as walls keep shifting
and this great blue world of ours
seems a House of Leaves

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