For the last month I have started practicing in a more organised fashion. I usually play warmup exercises and strenght building exercises at the beggining of my practice session (mostly spider exercises, hammer-on/pulloff exercises to build strenght and some stretches) Then I go on to playing some scales with a metronome to help increase some speed, I play the scale up and down, 3 notes at a time (1-2-3-2-3-4-3-4-5....) and then 4 notes at a time, then I move on to some arpeggios with the same scale and then sweep picking practice. At the end I usually just improvise for a while over a backing track.

At first this method worked great, but as I started adding more exercises to the strenght building part (the beggining) I noticed my speed wasnt increasing, in fact sometimes it decreased when I played scales. could this be because im tiring my hand out too early? should I leave the strenght building exercises for the end of my practice sessions? or should I just bear with it and wait for the speed I ahd to come back?
This sounds like a good exercise routine, keep it up. And I'm sure it would be no reason to slow down your fingers, so just bear with it.
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well I mean, since I started building up on the strenghtening exercices I noticed speed drop a tad, this started 4 days ago and then I could play 16th notes at 120bpm on all the exercises and now I can barely get from 110-115 without it being all sloppy, and I cant even get close to playing at 120 again
how long have you been playing? i'd suggest you start learning basic songs or songs for w/e level you're at. i've been stupid and just been practicing technique with the mentality that "if i master all these techniques i can play w/e song i want". for that reason i've been burnt out the last few days. learn some songs alongside the exercises you're doing. practice slowly and speed will come in time. also make sure to relax your arms when playing.
I been playing for about 3 years but for like 2 and a half years I didnt really play at all, just the past 6 months I've been playing constantly. I usually learn songs after practicing, some are at my level some are easy for me and some I struggle learning, but I make a point of learning some songs, Im just confused as to why I not only stopped making progress, but went backwards a bit
I've been having the same issue. If i start an exercise with 16th notes slowly, say repeating the exercise about 10 times before putting the tempo up, ill start around 80bpm to make sure my fingering is precise etc, but then i get sloppy when i get to around 109 (i increase tempo by 1 each time) but if I havent been playing for about 10 minutes before, I can comfortably play 115bpm and 120bpm (not for long at 120bpm before my wrist tenses up). I try relax, but as the tempo increases, it seems harder to do so...
Why is everyone obsessed with speed? 90% of rock songs are verse and chorus, there is no guitar solo! Get the rhythm down then go for the solos.

      Quote by steve-b1
      Why is everyone obsessed with speed? 90% of rock songs are verse and chorus, there is no guitar solo! Get the rhythm down then go for the solos.

      I'm not obsessed with speed, would just like to be able to play some of my fav solos.Most of the music I listen to is guitar heavy, and every song as a solo, sometimes 2. I listen to a lot of Metallica. I also listen to Steve Vai etc, and therefore to be able to play my fav type of music I need speed. Just like if my fav type of music was say, Jazz, I'd need to learn a whole lot of chords or theory etc. So I need to work on my speed so that eventually I can play what I want to.
      Don't get me wrong, I dont just practice scales and 3 note per string patterns so I can get faster (hell, if I did, I'd be faster lol) A lot of my playing is playing rhythm parts and singing along to songs, like Seek and Destroy etc.
      The biggest issue with rhythm is that I want to be in a band sometime, and seeing as my singing voice is terrible, I'd rather play leads lol
      That sounds like a pretty solid routine to me. I guess you just overloaded your hand and your brain is just trying to absorb everything. I'd stick with it for awhile longer and see where it gets you.