1989 Epiphone Les Paul, with the rare early Gibson style headstock. Has a Super Distortion in the bridge. I dulled the finish to look/feel more satinish, which makes the neck much easier to play.

The pots crackle slightly, but when left fully on work fine. I just put a new jack plate on, which was broken in the last post. Also have the original pick guard if you want it.

Asking 375 shipped. Would also be willing to take trade for another guitar, but would prefer cash. Here's some pics the last post didn't have, and any big splotchy marks are on the camera, the finish is in good condition for its age.
Not really interested in a Jackson. I meant that when you turn them they make scratching noises and don't connect in some spots. It's to be expected after 20 years.
what are you looking for? i have a tele.
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