Hey, I have decided it is about time I got an acoustic to jam about on. Now I am not looking for anything too fancy, just a cheap no frills acoustic that I can impulse buy online asap. I am looking to spent around £100 and ultimately want something I can just thrash out some good singalongs.

This may be a bit more than 100 euro but ($199 US) but has a solid top and can't be beat for the price.


This ones not pretty good too, it has a laminate top that may come in handy as a beater. $160. US



That's my two cents.
Yamaha FG730S
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Ya I had a Yamaha FG-423S I paid £150 that had a solid top and played and sounded like a dream! I wish I never sold it!
I impulsed and went with yamaha, but got an F370. I will report back with how well it goes soon.
F310, I got it for 100 bucks, could probably find it for about that.
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the yamaha 300 series are all-laminate guitars. not a good thing, but at least they're well made.