I am considering buying a MXR EVH flanger but i cannot find the dunlop ECB-004 in a 3 pin plug form anywhere online?

Can someone here help me find one please?

Thanks in advance

P.s. it needs to be the U.K version.
What I would do is look up the specs on that adapter and match to that.

For example my EVH Phaser uses a ECB-003

which is 9 volt center pin
200 mA
60 hz

In other words, as long as you match these basic specs you should be OK with something similar. I actually run mine off of a OneSpot multi power adapter - so
The flanger is an 18v pedal.
If you have to use batteries, make sure to un-plug the input to the pedal when you're done playing. If you leave it plugged in, it will eat your batteries.
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I shall try to match up the specs thanks and i want a power adapter i am not going to use batteries it will eat them up way too quickly!