I'm going to do this in a nutshell. I really like the whiny strat sound, compared to humbuckers, and I also love distortion. As you know, single coils just don't mix well with alot of gain or distortion. I can't afford a new guitar, nor do I want a humbucker guitar at the moment. Simply person preference; this won't change.

The solution to stop the hum on your typical mexi strat? Noiseless pickups!


Those are the pickups im currently looking at, but the question is, do they actually stop the 60 cycle hum you find with single coils? Or does it just reduce them a little. For $150 I want the noise to stop.

Edit: I also see this noiseless set... Any opinions are whats better, etc?

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No 60-cycle hum

that's what the description for jeff beck's set said
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Well yeah, but I was just wondering if anyone here has actually USED them. Companies say alot of things now a days :/
the SCN set is probably better, from what i hear, though i must admit i havent actually tried them...

now, these do cancel 60-cycle hum very well. why? they're stacked humbuckers. the second coil, however, is wound in a way that it kills the hum, but doesnt affect the sound (that much)
there is a difference in tone, but how much is debatable; regardless they're not "true" single coils, but they sound like singles.
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Oh wow thanks for the response. I'm just going through a regular fairly cheap SS amp (Though I might be getting a nice blackstar soon ) so I always read active's sound bad through SS because of the higher output...

...So even though they're not actives, they have a higher output, so I might want lower output?
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Why not get like say a duncan hot rails in the bridge to play metal, and add the coil split option?
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I have hot scn's in my 09 american deluxe qmt hss and I can vouch that they are absolutely devoid of any 60 cycle hum, none...zero

I really love the hot scn's

im not sure if these where what you wanted to know about but i thought it would tell you in case
^amen. they aren't as twangy and jangly as "true" single coils, but i've found that if you raise them closer to the strings, you get a bit more of that. beautiful pups. clear, and yet have their own character. i love mine, and would not replace them.

^btw, this is not "honeymoon syndrome" speaking. i've been using my american deluxe HSS for over a year and a half, and it is still my favorite guitar. period.
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You would be better off with a set of kinmann woodstock pickups. The fender hot noisless lack the depth that real singles have.
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I'm going to do this in a nutshell. I really like the whiny strat sound, compared to humbuckers, and I also love distortion. As you know, single coils just don't mix well with alot of gain or distortion.

Singles don't mix well with distortion?? what you on about?

Do you mean that you don't like the sound of distorted singles?

I would think that those noisless pickups get rid of most of the hum, although I'm sure that there will be some sort of down side to them too.
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I've played a strat with the Vintage Noiseless pickups in them and they are indeed noiseless. They have a great sound too. People keep saying that they don't have the high end that true singles do since the VNs are stacked humbuckers, but I'm willing to bet that its because they're still using 250k pots. This is pure speculation on my part but if you tried them with 500k pots like normal humbuckers, you'd get a better tone.
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Just a thought:
Shield the guitar. I play a '73 strat with very vintage P/Up's and all I did was "star ground" the thing, eliminating the various ground loops that you get with factory wiring, and shield the body cavities. These guys do a fantastic job of explaning it.

It is not very often that I recommend new or more expensive pickups, I can almost always get my customers happy just by undoing what "cheap" guitar companies do (yes, even your $5000.00 Les Paul has crappy wiring in it, you just don't know because of the humbuchers. If you were to shield the same guitar, and star-ground it, you'd be amazed at the signal gain)

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