I really want to know about my guitar and if anybody can give me some info which i can use to find good links etc

It seems the guitar has been customized so it got new tuners and pickups.
brand: Vantage
serial: E613562
tuners: Gotoh
pickups: ?? (they have red "ohm" symbols)

edit: yes i have tried google

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I honestly dont know about the guitar... But huge respect to your friend cos he's rockin the same Satch as me
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Those were made by Matsumoku. They made many guitars for brands like Westone, Aria, Greco, Ibanez (FujiGen Gakki), Greco, Univox...just to name a few. They produced parts or whole guitars for MANY other brands as well. I've had several old Westone's over the years that were great guitars. Many of those are getting very collectible these days. Not a huge value to most, but still collectible.

EDIT: I think that one you got there might be an Avenger model.
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