Yeah, the title pretty much sums it up, but not too experienced. I want to learn some metal songs, but something that's not extremely difficult. Any suggestions?
I think some slayer might be in Eb? I know for a fact that a lot of buckethead is in Eb.

Some GnR...
In the Valley of Vung
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Im pretty sure that all, if not most, Slayer up to God Hates Us All is in Eb.
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you dont have to just learn songs that were recorded in Eb... try playing songs in standard in Eb
Load/Reload era Metallica (Fuel, Unforgiven II etc.)

Slayer (as mentioned)

Idkno if this is heavy enough...but...
You Know You're Right - Nirvana is an easy&fun to play Eb song

And some GnR cant hurt
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All of Protest the Hero's songs.

And if it's metal enough, all of Coheed and Cambria's Good Apollo vol. 1 album is in Eb and it's excellent
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why does it have to be Eb?

Looser strings, nicer sound, and it sounds heavier without overdoing it.
Let's name some bands that play (or played) in Eb, shall we?
Slayer on every album save for Show No Mercy.
G n' R.
Metallica did on Load and ReLoad and still do live (I suggest only learning stuff on Load, RL is freaking terrible).
Black Sabbath on everything they did with Ronnie James Dio.
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All Guns N' Roses
Most Slayer
All Van Halen songs save for some (Unchained is in Drop Db though)
Megadeth from Youthanasia.

Also, even though they are 1/4 step down, songs from Killing is My Business and Peace Sells sound better in Eb.

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Most of X Japans heavy stuff is played in Eb, a lot of the riffs shouldn't be too hard, try Sadistic Desire, Miscast or Stab Me In The Back.
You could maybe try some Sonata Arctica, most of it's pretty fast so it's great for building rhythm chops, something like False News Travel Fast or Blank File.
Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria. If you can get past the singer's voice that's higher pitched than Geddy Lee's, it's an amazing song.
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coheed and cambrias welcome home is eb. good song.
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Green Day isn't metal, but all of there songs are in Eb, though majority of there tabs are in E standard. I'm not entirely sure about their new album, but I would assume that's also Eb.

If you want to tune that Eb down to a Db, I suggest SILVERSTEIN! Only stuff from A Shipwreck in the Sand is in that tuning though.
if your not that experienced try PTH's bloodmeat maybe only tims part(the rythym)
monsters by matchbook romance
the last ones not metal but its fun to play
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Iced Earth

+1. Travel in Stygian by Iced Earth. I think I remember some Metallica songs being in Eb too.
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