A friend told me the lyrics, the thing is he cant find the name of the song or the band. He told me it's kinda acoustic... btw, the song's name only says Track 03.

your head is on my shoulder now the lights i didnt ___ slowly starts to fade away.. ur heart beat faster mine does too nothing could ever change the way i feel about you
wish sometime with you dont ever cry im by your side
your ___ embraces midnight sky
the stars are shinig bright as time decide to pass us by another cold december night
put your hand in mine and hold it tight it just feels so right so right
wish some timee with you
dont ever cry im by your side

I havent listened the song....

k thanks

Btw I already googled the lyrics, they dont appear. My friend didnt give me the lyrics 100% accurate
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RIP Eminem

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RIP Eminem

And please, stop with all the "What is this song?" threads. When I want to know a song from a few lyrics, I use Google, and I advise you do the same. Listen to the song and pick out a few lyrics, and Google away...
^^ Eminem isn't dead yo.
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