I discovered this while lurking on /b/. Yeah, yeah, whatever.

But apparently Pedobear is in 7th place for being voted Miley Cyrus' number 1 fan.

I voted. I thought about getting a proxy to multi-vote, but was too lazy.

I thought it would be epic if he won, though. Maybe if we contribute, we can do it?

This won't get me in trouble, will it? I remember a topic for voting "Never Gonna Give You Up" as song of the year on the MTV Video Music Awards, and that didn't get closed, so... I just assumed this was okay.

Silly /b/
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I would vote, if I wasn't scared of /b/
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Just kidding. You're a fucking retard.

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You want to strap a bunch of used mattresses to the walls?

Why not just roll around naked in medical waste while you're at it?

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medical waste isn't free on craigslist
amusing enough. I voted
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Fucking win S&R!
I voted for this and was going to put this on here, but I thought I'd get modded.
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dude, **** yea i voted
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