Want to buy one of these two, the Agile AL2000, or the Jay Turser JT250. Both about the same price $200 + or so. I know, ya get what ya pay for, but, I'm not wanting a real Gibson, and don't want to spend $800 - 1200, for a guitar I'm only gonna play at home.

I'd like to hear from some of the "experts" here who have owned or player both, and want to hear some real opinions and personal reviews.

Thanks! Pawdog
Agile all the way. I played a Jay Turser once and it was a piece of CRAP. Felt cheaply made, pickups sucked, frets weren't filed down properly etc...

I have heard nothing but positive things about agile guitars, though i have yet to try them.
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Keep an eye out for a used Dillion or tokai. both are much better guitars.

if not just get the agile
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I've had both. The Turser sounded (and looked) better, but the Agile was built much better. My Jay Tursers neck warped on me pretty badly.
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i have a jt-220, its a piece.
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