I was looking at prices for some fretless bases and being poor as I am I thought I would be doomed to the lowest of the low in quality when it came down to instruments. I was looking ,however, at this one brand and in some youtube videos it actually sounds quite decent for the price and seems to be made out of decent material for the price.

I'm looking to getting this bass possibly


Tried as I did I could not find any reviews of that exact model on any sites but hearing other basses of the same brand of a similar price range filled with hope as they sounded fairly decent for the cost.

I'm a noob when it comes to bass pickups and things of the matter so I was wondering if I could get some help from somebody who might be slightly more versed in the matter or perhaps anyone who has played this or a similar model.

Any and all useful information is welcome.

Thanks in Advance.
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I bought a fretless six-string Douglas from Rondo Music... couldn't be happier (for the price). I've been wanting to buy an SX, but I haven't played one yet.
what do you have now (amp, bass, pedals, etc)? are you gigging? how much can you spend at max? would you get a used bass? do you need a fretless? what music do you play?

Not bad build. The pickups are probably garbage so you can replace them with real J-Bass pups whenever you save up a little more.
If you could push your price range up, then I'd go for a Brice bass (Douglas for second choice) from rondomusic.
But if you can't, then that SX looks as though it'd be alright! But I havn't tried any basses from rondomusic, yet! (I'm hoping to get a 6-string Brice, sooner or later)