I'm using a 30w Peavey Vyper and although I get some decent sounding clean tones out of it (I usually end up using the Plexi or Twin models) I just can't seem to find one I'm happy listening to. The distortion on it is pretty bad and makes me wince whenever I strike a chord. I prefer clean tones, but I would like to be able to do some metal or even hard rock for that matter without switching back to clean after just a few minutes because I don't like how the high gain settings sound on the amp.

Money isn't an issue, but I'm pretty much a bedroom guitarist. I'm not playing gigs and I'm not expecting to anytime soon, so I don't think I could justify spending too much on a bedroom amp. However I do want one that'll be good enough to gig with when I get to that point. At the same time, I'd probably be looking at getting an overdrive and EQ pedals for the amp too, so suggestions on good pedals for the sound I'm looking for are welcome too.

Budget: Preferably sub $1,000 for the amp, $300-$400 for pedals
Sound: Carlos Santana and Shawn Lane are probably my two favorites in terms of tone. I want something smooth and warm, but with plenty of gain ready on tap. Not really a metal player at all but I like to do a lot of legato stuff. Of course, bedroom volumes are a must for bedroom guitarists.

Thank you!