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How many musicians can competently play both guitar and another instrument? 9e.g. piano)
Curious; as we did a survey of our schools music classes and about half of all the students could play guitar and about 90% of them could play something else as well.


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Guitar and Harmonica.

Shut up, it's an instrument!
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Guitar, bass to back my guitar (but I never record it because of my ****ty bass and lack of mixing knowledge for bass), simple stuff on piano, oh and I can 'play' the programmed drums! XD
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omg half in our music class it's like 2 out of 30 including me and does playing for about a week then quiting count becuase i played piano for like a week
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Pfft, you all with your big shredding solos. I just play pinch harmonics, then play the same note again without a pinch harmonic. Everyone is like "teh fook?!".
I know. Les Paul was the first to play both at the same time. Popularized by Bob Dylan. I can play a little harmonica, and I have a giant chromatic mouth harp. I also play ukulele, banjo, paino, and sing. (pity money is great when you are busking with a ukulele and it is raining xD)


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Guitar, Piano, and Mandolin
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guitar, bass, drums, almost any stringed instrument to an extent. except harp and sitar. both are crazy hard
Right now at my school everyone's bringing their guitar regardless if their in music class or not. They just bring it to look cool, and its incredibly irritating.

OT: I can also play piano.
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bass, upright bass (there is a HUGE difference, in case you didn't know), guitar, piano, mandolin, drums, tenor sax, bari sax,
hmm i can play : bass, guitar, some drums, trumpet, easy piano stuff. banjo soon. oh and slide if that counts as a different instrument. But i suck at it.
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Its good to see lots of brass like the trumpet and tuba. I picked up a sax once, but I did better with the bagpipes I played whilst drunk.
Video games...nice (:


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I play guitar, bass, and the drums.

The reason is becuase it gets easier and easier to understand how music is written with every new insturment you introduce yourself to.

Learning the guitar, then jumping to the piano - You will get to understanding the piano VERY quick if your a guitar player, and learning a bit of the piano will also boost your knowledge of the guitar.

It just works that way, kind of like working your abs

Working your abs = healthier lower back

Standing up straight, and improving your posture = helps tone your abs

Things work in a circle most of the time.
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Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals, Pretty much any string instument I can pick up, learn some basic stuff very fast.
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Trumpet- 7 years
Guitar - 3 Years
Bass - 1 Year.
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If you want to get really technical about it..

1. Grab sticks.
2. Bang sticks on drums.

^how to play drums.

Guitar, bass, drums, enough keyboards to play Subdivisions by Rush.
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Bass... Or i used to. Ive pretty much given up on playing an instrument.
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I can play piano and I play the flute extremely well (not bragging, just saying)

Edit: Lol @ all the desperate people listing every instrument they've ever attempted to play once.
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I can proficiently play both guitar and drums. Most guitarists say they can play bass because they play guitar but I suck horribly at bass, and have dabbled in keyboards but I'm terrible at that too, so just guitar and drums.
I perform with a friend who has played bass for 6 years, and when we busk I sometimes steal his acoustic Ibanez bass off him and he plays guitar. We both can play guitar and bass, but because we have both learnt the separate instruments.


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I can play Guitar and Ba...
woah, almost called it an instrument, nvm.
Goodness gracious me!
if it was about 12 years ago id say piano. i havent really touched one since so id probably suck at it.
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omg half in our music class it's like 2 out of 30 including me and does playing for about a week then quiting count becuase i played piano for like a week

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