Just picked her up at Guitar Center today for $275.
Came with emgs 81b/85n
Only thing that sucks is the last person who owned wired with
500k pots



Strung up

Heres your XXX content as promised

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those inlays are pretty cool, nice looking guitar, congrats. now go get yourself some 25k pots
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How does it sound with the 500ks? I can imagine muddy yuckiness....
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lol 500k pots, i thought this was going to be a peavey triple x post, but anyways HNGD she's lovely, did you name her yet ??
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simply stunning. congrats man, thats one sexy schecter
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how do u like the tone of emgs thru a ss amp?


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nIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIce! Beastly guitar man, congrats! Rewire that bad boy and make that gee-tah sing!
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Nice. You got a steal for that price.
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Guitars worth it no matter how it sounds for those inlays, HNGD
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Best Inlays!
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I played this guitar once. It unleashed the ****ing fury and I got kicked out of Guitar Center.
lol, those inlays
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those are some classy inlays....HNGD

CLassy as in trashy trailer park trash lol


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Nice LTD and Schecter ;D
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Awesome, nice steal!

This might sound naive of me, but why does 500k pots ruin the tone as opposed to 25k pots? Does this apply to just EMGs or... ?
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Congrats on the new guitar.
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Congrats on you NG, I always loved this model with the stripper inlays. Great price too! I would have snapped it up if I came across it. Swapping out the pots is no big deal get the correct ones for the EMGs