Had a few progressions for a while, and I finally mixed them together. The song is kinda ballady I guess, but maybe it isn't cause I don't really have an idea what a ballad is. Drums made with Drumtrack, but with the sounds from one of Beatcrafts kits.

C4C, just leave a link!

Feel free to check out the other stuff if you like this, too.
I like the chord progressions and the sound on the guitar. I dont like the drums man, they sound very digital which really doesnt fit the songs and to be honest I think they're a little bit badly programmed and too busy. But the guitar is sweet, more so in the first half. Next step is get some vocals on it man.

Check mine?
Very well thought and built.
The guitar work is good, but the drums are plain awfull. You should reprogram them and think more simple/efficient. I would definitly see a bass there too.
I lke the solo, but would work a little more on the tone. Highs make it sound a little "bees"-ish.
Nice work though.